Product Manager / Digital Designer / Media Expert

Work that I’m proud of.

It’s one thing to see a project through from concept to launch, but it’s another to actually want to share that work.

PLEASE NOTE:  Much of the work I have done while at Disney, such as project roadmaps, wireframes, and keynote presentations, are subject to confidentiality and privacy restrictions and unfortunately can’t be shared here.

  • Disneyland Dream Suite
    Disneyland Dream Suite

    Lead team to create an immersive virtual tour combining video and 360º panoramas, allowing a place that most people will never get to see in person, to come alive on their screen.


    Having gone through many revisions of the web site over my 15 year tenure there, I know what it means to adapt new technologies to ever-changing business requirements.

  • Wild Pilots at Death Valley
    Wild Pilots at Death Valley

    Beautiful footage doesn’t necessarily make a great video, you have to know what to do with it.  Here’s an example of how subtle editing can allow amazing content to shine.

  • Kessel Run Films
    Kessel Run Films

    Specializing in UAV video and photography, but also featuring time-lapse video and traditional photography, Kessel Run Films is a company I started to infuse technology and innovation into marketing photography.

  • Shopatron

    I created recruitment videos for Shopatron, helping they acquire the talent they were after.  I handled storyboarding, shooting, and editing on each video, as well as creation of their brand bumper played before each video.  This video is an outtake teaser from those videos.

  • 3D Robotics
    3D Robotics

    Applying my love for technology, I wrote scripts, developed storyboards, shot, and starred in a number of self-produced short tutorials for 3DRobotics’ IRIS quadcopter.